Biblio Wakefield Library is a service provided under the auspices of the Municipality of La Pêche. Library operations are entirely performed by volunteers. There are many ways to get involved.

The majority of volunteers work a monthly shift on the desk, and then take on other tasks. Other jobs are continual, needing weekly or monthly commitment. We have work-groups that come in for a couple of hours once a week or once a month and get things done – like tidying the workroom or putting the shelves in order (known as ‘reading the shelves’). These are also a part of desk shift responsibilities.

Book Rotation.  Twice a year, volunteers unpack and shelve about 1000 books, and pull the same number of books from the library shelves to send back to the Réseau BIBLIO de l’Outaouais.

Events. Book readings, children’s stories, school visits etc. and YOU can volunteer to organize one.

We need school teachers to bring their classes to the library and show them the sections where they can find books they will enjoy, and when the children come we need extra library volunteers on desk duty.

Displays. New books, seasonal displays, special collections. If you have a special interest/skill in how to make the books more accessible please show your colours.

If you would like to get involved, please email Amy Carver at contact@wakefieldlibrary.ca