Friends of the Library

FoWL’s mandate is to support the Biblio Wakefield Library through fund-raising, advocacy, and outreach and communications. To that end, FoWL organizes and runs annual fund-raising activities such as books sales in May and November; the operation of the library’s Book Nook; special events such as garden tours; and the sale of items such as commemorative plaques on library bookshelves, greeting cards, etc.

To fulfill its advocacy function, FoWL maintains working relationships with other organization such as the Municipality of La Pêche and the Réseau Biblio de L’Outaouais, advocating on behalf of Biblio Wakefield Library’s interests and concerns. FoWL also conducts communication and outreach activities with library patrons and volunteers, local businesses and organizations, as well as members of the communities served by the library.

If you’d like to get involved, please email Paul Brown at